Limerick Update

Concluded:  Blogging is directly proportional to a) the amount of free time you have when within 50 feet of a laptop with a wireless connection, b) having it assigned for your Writing course -you’re welcome, my students!- or c) a combination of both.

Thusly speaking, I have not had opportunities for a, b, or c recently and therefore, the posting has suffered greatly.  But, you should know, gentle reader, that it’s not you, it’s me.

And now, I give you a series of limericks to catch everyone up (friends, family, lurkers) on my ever so fascinating life.

When Friday roll’d round we yipped, “Yay!

Our veggies are coming today!”

Bags full, we took off.

Nobody can scoff.

Not sure if enough we did pay.

At dawn I was peacefully rowing

In tides that we thought were still growing

In quick mud I stuck

A tick I did pluck

Job-glee was decidedly slowing

Wet suits are remarkably pricey

Their adverts were def’nitely dicey

(side read: completely, fantastically, inexplicably on the “sex appeal” end of ad-dom)

But drop a few names

Discounts for Slough dames!

The suit fits the husband quite nicely.

When teaching a class, you must know

Scantron is the way you should go.

With Writing I can’t.

Mult. Choice tests are scant.

Last essays, they grade rather slow.

Dad’s Day is coming up soon.

At’cus will be singing a tune.

Big surprises galore!

Plus some pastries in store.

And a present to Dad coming soon.



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2 responses to “Limerick Update

  1. that last one sounds like an announcement…is it? :)

  2. Pinto

    Alea ~Knowing that Atticus reads this once every 6 months…and hopefully this post will be pretty far down the archive line then…I’m still going to err on the side of caution.

    But I will say that if you’re refering to an announcement that goes something like, “Weekend getaway at a beach-side house for free!” Then you are on to something.

    If you mean anything else…then I think you’re not as much on to something.

    But I’m pleased you would suspect.

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