Solved it

I solved the last name dilemma!

We’ve been back and forth and back and forth about changing them, not changing them, hyphenating, not hyphenating…but I finally have the answer.  Thanks to an offhand facebook comment from a friend’s mother, I’ve decided to make a new last name out of an anagram of both our current last names!!


Here are my favorites so far:

Pinto and Atticus __fill in the blank__

1.  ShardInUrn
2.  HardSinRun
3.  DarnHisRun
4.  DarnHisUrn
5.  RadShinRun
6.  AhRindUrns



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5 responses to “Solved it

  1. So much simpler and less confusing than hyphenating ;)

  2. DarnHisUrn, most definitely. Because then, every time someone said your name, they would also be cursing someone’s urn. And that’s awesome.

  3. Great idea! Though the kids do eventually get used to the 2 last name idea :)

  4. RadShinRun is so visual; it’s sure to inspire great athleticism out of your children.

  5. Pinto

    I also liked RandHisUrn, because when I say it outloud it sounds like:

    Rand, His Urn

    It must be a pretty special urn to have a name after all.

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