Yes! Finals!

The first time I tried to write a final exam, it was really really hard.  Way harder than I thought it ever would be.  Are the multiple choices too easy?  Too tricky?  Did I really lecture on that, or am I just remembering reading it somewhere?  Will they really be able to make that factual connection or am I expecting them to read my mind?

It took me 3+ hours to write it.

Then I realized, by my second final, that I was taking myself way, way too seriously.  I mean, finals are a serious thing to many (but not all) students, don’t get me wrong.  But I realized I wasn’t doing anyone a favor when I put off writing the finals until the last day because I was dreading them.  The students deserved a better and more considered test of their cumulative knowledge.

The solution?  Have fun writing it

So, I bring you question #32:

Jeremy Bentham was the father of ___________.

A.  Deontological Ethics

B.  Utilitarian Ethics

C.  Areteic Ethics

D.  Paris Hilton

I have similarly discovered the joy of writing instructions:

Short Answer (5 pts each):  Please limit your answer to charts, lists, or a few sentences.  Please no interpretive dance–but some drawing allowed.  Also, please don’t cheat on your ETHICS test because, I mean, how lame would that be?


P.S.  I just noticed that a year ago today I wrote an essay on the Ethics of Sex Ed in public schools–how apropos!  How cool that I didn’t even know I would be giving an Ethics final at the same time the very next year.



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3 responses to “Yes! Finals!

  1. C.

    I wish I’d had tests like that. Mine were research papers and essays like, “Explain the poll taxes in England between Richard II up to present times and how they have shaped the modern English political process. Please be brief.” Or, “Pick a topic discussed in the Summa Theologiae, explain Aquinas’ viewpoint and counter is with your own viewpoint.”


  2. In an entirely non-sarcastic way, bless your heart. I say a little hosanna of gratitude whenever I get a test with a bit of fun mixed in. Even the smallest, lamest joke makes a world of difference. In law school I’ve become a fan of hypothetical questions based on hyperbolized television series.

  3. On the first day in my American Religions class, the prof said to us, “Don’t commit plagiarism. It’s not only dumb, but this is a religion class. You’ll go to hell if you do!”

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