Garden: June 15

Salad, peas, salad, peas...we eat a lot of it, but soon we'll have our beets for some summer borscht!

Inside the greenhouse we have the green beans on their way, two tomato plants (striped roma and glacier), alyssums, and cucumbers (not in shot)

And some shots for comparison:

March 15

May 1

May 15

I’m very excited about the garden this year because of the cool heirloom vegetables we’re growing along with the standards.  These aren’t your regular, grocery store veggies.  These are different:

Purple lettuce! (Oak Leaf) beans (Yellow wax bean)

Orange striped tomatoes! (Striped Roman)

Zebra beets! (Chiogga)

And "alien-like" (from the catalog) spiky, neon broccoli! (Veronica)

Gardens are rad.


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  1. Dude. I want to visit.

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