Just Signed Up

I just signed up to run THIS in six weeks.

I think I’m a little crazy.  But also possibly awesome if I survive.



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2 responses to “Just Signed Up

  1. danosaur

    Crazy folk indeed. That’s like half way between a half marathon and a full marathon. Making it a…three-quarter marathon? YOU ARE INSANE. But you will be in amazing shape by the end of it. And you will have conquered a hugely long run. Which will be awesome. Prepare to need to buy new clothes. When is it? Do you have a training schedule?

  2. Pinto

    WAIT! Wait, so…wait. So….okay, I just reviewed this online. Seems that apparently people can actually do the whole thing themselves. I was under the impression that it was a relay only. So let me be clear: I’m just part of a relay team!

    This comment about gave me a heart attack.

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