Sweet Cron

LOOK AT MY BOUQUET! I'm shoving it in your face!

Well Happy Anniversary to Pinto and Atticus!  We have returned from Anniversary Extraveganza: The Sequel.

You may recall last year’s extraveganza which involved ocean views, a literarily themed bed and breakfast, and skinny dipping.

This year we took it up a notch and explored the heck out of South/Central Oregon.

To wit, we:

— Visited a still-working, water-powered flour mill from the 1870s.  Holy Historian’s Paradise!

— Ate Taco Bell nachos.

— Spent 2.5 hours and a lot of completely worth-it money at a Spa getting a couples treatment

–Ate at Larks, which I will forever from henceforth only refer to as “The Yum Fantastic”

–Saw The Merchant of Venice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Amazing amazing amazing amazing.

— Slept.  (That’s a funny word:  “slept.”  I mean, just look at it.  It looks wrong.)

–Took a white-water jet boat tour of the Rogue River.

–Ate Indian food.

–Watched Saturday Morning Cartoons in bed eating cookies, gushers, and popcorn–toasting it all with Martinelli’s in plastic cups.

–Hiked the Oregon Caves, which apparently served as a local speakeasy back in the day.

–Ate in another former speakeasy.

–And bought some Sweet, Sweet Cron from the crustiest farmer I’ve ever met.

How I love me some Cron!

All in all–I’m unbelievably sad it’s over.  A good time was had, memories were made, and I loved every second.  Here’s to two more years of wedded bliss!  Bliss bliss bliss I tell you!


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