The Amazing Race

Trust me.  A television show has to be pretty amazing to be worthy of Atticus’ attention.  He generally shuns them unless 1) they are unanimously beloved by a very select, yet diverse, group of people  2) they pass his ten-minute watching test run approval  3) they are convenient to watch.

And I got him hooked on one very special television show.  It’s even more miraculous because it’s a reality show–usually anathema to the Atticus aesthetic.

Atticus (and I) both are completely in love with The Amazing Race.

If you haven’t yet been indoctrinated to this gift to humanity, I’ll give you a synopsis.  It involves teams armed with only a backpack, clothes, and passports racing each other around the world for a $1 million prize.  Along the way, they have to complete various challenges and tasks that usually have something to do with a sometimes completely obscure, sometimes well known, local custom, language, landmark, etc .  To wit:  in London, you have to drive a double decker bus through a traffic cone obstacle course; in Shanghai you have to pick out the wax food hidden in a buffet of real food; in Sweden, you get to eat a boiled sheep’s head because that’s what you do at Christmas…in Sweden…somewhere.

We love this show.  And we would love nothing more in the world than to be on it if we could.

So, because I have Amazing Race on the brain, I’ve been thinking a lot about making my own Amazing Race course on a smaller scale.

My first attempt will be this weekend, when we set off on our roadtrip to central Utah.  I have my sites picked out, my challenges set up, and Atticus is going to be so surprised I can hardly stand it.

I spent last night photoshopping real examples of clues from the actual show to include my own details:  Route Information, Road Blocks, Detours…I even glue-sticked the bright yellow THE AMAZING RACE logo from the show’s envelopes onto my own.

So, we’ll be at the starting line (our apartment) at 7am on Sunday and off we’ll go.  I’ll give you an update when we get to our final pit stop.  May the luck of Phil be with us.



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2 responses to “The Amazing Race

  1. Mel

    This is the best idea ever. I would LOVE doing something like this. Maybe I will try to replicated it doing a southern tour or something.
    Heidi, you are awesome.

  2. Teryn

    You are seriously awesome!

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