When in Sunny Oregon…


Atticus and I usually put in about 6-7 hours of work on Saturdays, but yesterday was 60 degrees and sunny.  I need no further explanation…

We grabbed a couple sandwiches from our neighborhood shop and set off on a coastal drive. We pulled out to see Haceta Head Lighthouse--the first time I've driven past without it being lost in a fog.

Headed to Cape Perpetua, I read about Captain Cook's explorations as Atticus drove. We hiked down to the tidepools and sea caves.

There was SO much sea foam on the water! I'd tell you what Atticus says it's made of, but it's gross. It involves the crushing of tiny plankton bodies into tiny lumps of pulp... Not for the weak of heart.

I still wanted to touch it though, because I'm intrepid like that.

And we found the raddest thing! A "Spouting Horn" formation. Essentially, it's a sea cave with a hole in the top. When the high tide forces water into the cave too far, the hole spurts out a huge plume of spray because of the pressure.

Lucky for us, we were there at not only high tide, but a SPRING KING high tide (or so they are called) -- the biggest high tide of the year. Check out that spouting horn--how it spouteth! I wish I could put a recording here of the big WWWWHHHOOOOSH noise it made.

Then we hiked straight up the side of the Cape to the summit! Okay...well...we were going to...until the Ranger told us you could just drive up a new road to within .2 miles of the top...

We made it! Thank you CCC for hiking all the way up here in the 1930s to build this little stone hut. We were sooooooo high, it made me dizzy just looking out over the ocean.

On the way back we got ice cream cones and hiked in the sandy, windy coastal dunes for a while--it wasn't the best idea...but the sunset was gorgeous!

And so ended our day of adventures–all within 2 hours of our house.

As we drove into town and got a view of our beautiful bridge, I said, “Man, Atticus.  We’re really going to miss how beautiful it is here.”  And so we will.




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5 responses to “When in Sunny Oregon…

  1. Petra

    But if you move to the Bay Area, you’ll be someplace equally beautiful. Just saying.

  2. Pinto

    With good Asian food? I’m sold.

  3. danosaur


  4. Teryn

    You do realize you live a fairytale right?

  5. Pinto

    You know, I was wondering about the fact that squirrels fold my laundry…

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