Makeover 2011

This year I’m going to try really hard.  I mean it this time!  I’m dead serious.  Things are going to be different around here starting today.

Here is my Fabulous Plan:

1.  Cook French food.

2.  Figure out how to wear girl hats, and other hipster things.

3.  Have bangs.  ::nervous uncertain feelings about this?::

4. Stop biting nails.

5. Look like Audrey Hepburn.

6. Learn 4 European languages, including dead ones.

7. Figure out how to act like a grown up.

8. Figure out how to use more than a black rubber band to do my hair.

9. Run a half marathon

10. Start wearing deodorant.

I searched for “Fabulous Plan” on Google to see if they could come up with something better…

Apparently, google's "Fabulous Plan" is Senator Jeff Sessions. I win.



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3 responses to “Makeover 2011

  1. danosaur

    1. I need to learn to pronounce French food.
    2. The girl hat I purchased recently was my best move ever. No shower + hat = instant fashion.
    3. GO FOR IT. Bangs are awesome.
    4. didn’t know you did this?
    5. Almost there anyway; you just need bangs!
    6. English, English with a Scottish accent, English with a Welsh accent, English with an Irish accent. Covered!
    7. Maybe you could post some online tutorials for this? I could use it.
    8. Maybe a tan rubber band?
    9. Hurrah!
    10. Overrated.
    11. I like your new layout.

  2. I computed “fabulous plan” on Wilfram|Alpha for you as well. Here’s what you got:

  3. Pinto

    Danosaur: Ok…so it’s not actually nail biting. It’s more like nail peeling using my other nails (ew on using the teeth). But the thing is that people don’t understand “nail peeling” so I said “nail biting.” The jagged nail nubbin outcome is the same.

    Laurie: And that fabulous plan is WAY better than Google’s. In an imaginary paper-rock-scissors game in my mind, spaceships always beat Senators. This Wilfram Alpha thing is magical.

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