Do you have a movie you can quote by heart?

I’m not talking about a line here or there.  I’m talking the whole movie.

When I was 8, I could quote the entire Little Mermaid including sound effects and mimicked actions.

“But without my voice, how can I…”

“You’ll have your looks. Your pretty face.  And don’t underestimate the importance off body language. HAH!”

You remember that part right? The part where Ursuala shakes her voluptuous molluscan bod to the sound of soundtrack bongo drums? Yeah, imagine an elbowy toothpick with freckles and bright red hair trying to do the same thing.


Anyway, the point is that today I discovered another movie I can entirely quote:  You’ve Got Mail.

From “Ohhh I take my puppy everywhere. La la la la I wouldn’t care” to the final  (kind of disappointing) last line, “Don’t cry, shopgirl.  Don’t cry.”

I’m chalking this up to the fact that, six years ago, I worked with two other people as a 19th Century Photo Glass Plate Restorer and every Wednesday, we’d sit around a laptop and watch You’ve Got Mail as we plied our cleaner dipped q-tip skills on old pictures of dead people.

(No joke. Some were pictures of actually for-real dead people–corpses. All the other people were alive in the pictures…but eventually died I suppose.  As far as I know…::spooky voice::)

Anyway, I lay on a makeshift bed of couch cushions and pillows today, hopped up on sudafed and vitamin C fizzy drinks, and mumbled along through the entire thing.

I just thought you might like to know.  And I’m curious what movies other people know by heart and why.

Well, I’ve read all the blogs and status updates, so all the interesting internet things have been done for the day.  Plus, I need to take more sudafed.

So, as George, the book selling assistant, put it ever so wisely, “This place is a tomb.  I’m going to the nut shop where it’s fun.”



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8 responses to “Quotable

  1. Petra

    1. Clueless.
    2. Casablanca.
    3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    4. Every episode Arrested Development ever.

    I’m not sure what that combination says about my taste…

  2. For awhile, for me, it was Star Trek IV. You know, the one with the whales. But now I can’t remember it.

    Ummm…Probably the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride & Prejudice. Love the classic Bingley line: “Pray tell me; are ALL your sisters still at Longbourne?”

  3. I’m going to say The Philadelphia Story, or What’s Up, Doc? Though I think the BBC P&P still holds the record for being watched the most in my life. I’ve never tried quoting it all the way through, but I probably could.

  4. Pinto

    Petra: Now I have lines like “We’ll always have Paris” and “Never use a one-armed man to teach a lesson” going through my head. Also, from the pilot episode: “They’re so over-the-top, it makes me want to set myself on fire.” Also, “Oragutans, and breakfast cereals, and…”

    Beth: I like the part where Chekov is like, “Can you tell me how to get to Alemeda. I need to find a nuclear wessel.” (something like that)

    Laurie: Looks like I need to go watch TPS and WUD again. I’m coming up with nothing–which is disappointing.

  5. Dani


    “I do not suppose you could espeed things up?”
    “Don’t say that, Vizzini.”
    “I am not left-handed!”
    “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!”
    “And remember, this is for posterity, so…be honest.”
    “Who ARE you?” “No one of consequence. “I must know.” “You’ll have to get used to disappoinment.”
    “Yes, yes, you’re very smart. Now shut up.”

    AND I could go on…but I would probably end up typing the whole script, and at that point you really should just watch the movie.

  6. the Q

    philadelphia story, too.
    muppet christmas carol
    thoroughly modern millie


  7. I can rattle off all of Clue, large chunks of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg (it helps that is all sung, of course) and the entire run of Coupling.

    Also, far away the best line from Little Mermaid, which I quote regularly is “So much for TRUE LOVE!!” and then an inarticulate noise.

  8. Pinto

    Dani: “Stop it I mean it!” “Anybody want a peanut?”

    Q: “SOYSAUCE!”

    Alea: Why is it that Ursula has all the memorable lines? “Life’s full of tough choices, INNIT?”

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