Grains I Have Loved

Did you know there’s a magical world of grains?  Did you?  Because I didn’t until about three years ago when I started to love cooking.

Cooking was not something I particularly liked to do before then.  I mostly got through college and grad school through the strategic use of Taco Bells and large pots of Sunday-made Japanese curry.

But, then I got married to Atticus and suddenly I became very interested in every single way I could give something nice to him.  And, through cooking, I figured out how to make really tasty, really healthy, really fantastically interesting food.  Plus, I was shocked at how much fun it was!

I also discovered that the world has so many kinds of real food! And when I say “real food” I mean food that came directly from the ground.  Before 2008, I knew that wheat could make bleached flour and rice was white.  If I was feeling really fancy, I could tell you that multigrain bread had multiple kinds of mysterious… well…grain.

Since then, I’ve discovered many more magical grains–

1. Basmati rice:  the only true Indian food rice.

2. Cous cous:  what the “easiest thing in the world to make”?

3.  Quinoa:  someday I will grow it in my garden–it’s the prettiest grain plant I’ve ever seen.

4. Barley:  can really make a vegetable beef soup.

5.  Wild Rice:  not only does it taste good, it looks good too!

6. Semolina:  Atticus is slowly converting me to hot cereal breakfasts through the use of semolina.

7. Pearl tapioca:  Okay, okay, so it’s really just cassava starch and not a grain.  But it sort of looks like a grain!  And it helped make the best cherry pie I’ve had in my entire life (Thank you Atticus and your baking skills!).

Are there any other amazing grains I’m missing out on?  Because, I’m sort of in love with them…

Pretty Quinoa, huh?



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6 responses to “Grains I Have Loved

  1. Petra

    I’m in love with bulghur, myself.

  2. the Q

    tell me more about semolina. i’m always a fan of hot breakfast cereals and diversifying what i’m eating…

  3. Pinto

    Q: Semolina = Cream of Wheat. We just buy it in bulk and in bulk it’s called “Semolina.” Pretty tasty. Takes me back to my infant days.

  4. Steel-cut oats and I have a (not-so) steamy love affair these days (because I eat them cold rather than hot).

    Also, are you eating Israeli couscous, because you should be (it’s larger and so I prefer it for most uses [because they stay more separate]).

  5. Missi

    I had no idea quinoa was so pretty–thank you for the picture! If you’re willing to try another hot breakfast cereal, there’s one with the hilarious name of Zoom (made by Krusteaz) that is 100% whole wheat and as easy to cook as minute rice. I like it more than oatmeal; it’s nice and textured. It’s become our Sunday morning staple. No, it’s not a new grain for you, but it’s a tasty take on an old one.

  6. Pinto

    More breakfast cereals!

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