I’m married to Atticus.

This is Atticus

Atticus is my favorite.

Atticus likes to read good books with me.  Outloud.  On rainy days.

Atticus holds my hand whenever it’s close enough to hold.  Even in front of people who might think that’s silly.

Atticus makes a mean chocolate cake and he thinks I make a mean clam chowder.

Atticus goes on walks with me after dinner and we walk and talk for miles.

Atticus is smart and handsome and daring.

Atticus makes me laugh all the time.

Atticus is my Atticus.

And now I’m going to go home to see Atticus, because he is amazing and I love him and he is my favorite, like I said.  Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re having a movie marathon night.  Because isn’t that what people do on Valentine’s Day?

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  And I hope you all had a good day thinking about your favorite people, too.


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