I’m one for surprises.

But, there’s a caveat.  I don’t like to be surprised.  Just to surprise someone else.

Well, there’s a caveat to that caveat.  I like being purely surprised–out of the blue.  But, I don’t like being half surprised–like “Ohhh Pinto, this weekend is going to be a surprise!”  And then I have to wait and stew and wonder a couple days.  No fun.

However, like I said, I enjoy surprising others very, very much.

This one time, I flew to Oregon for the weekend and didn’t tell Atticus I was coming.  I got in at 9pm, called him as he was getting home, and said “Hello Atticus.  Could you please come pick me up from the airport because my cab didn’t come.”   There was about 30 seconds of confused silence.  It was awesome.

Or, this other time, I finished my semester coursework a week early (They said it couldn’t be done.  hah!).  Then I hopped on a red-eye flight from Boston, took a cab to Atticus’ house where he had already arrived for Christmas, and was casually lounging on the couch by the time he came downstairs in his pajamas.  There was about 30 seconds of the best hug ever.  It was awesome.

Then, there was this time in 2011 when Atticus was freaking out about his dissertation and he said something like, “I just need to have something to look forward to, or one weekend where I don’t have to worry about anything…”  And I thought, “Hmmmmm.”

And then I went searching for the nicest, most relaxingest get-away I could possibly conjure up on the Oregon coast, took stock of the hefty price that would cost for a weekend, and then stewed about how there was no way in heck almighty I could scrounge up the extra monies for such a thing.

And then, I remembered that I’m employed by the government.  And then I remembered that I am going on a business trip for a week at the end of this month.  And then I remembered how the government pays me $146/day for food and lodging on these trips.  And then I thought, “I’ll betcha I could save a whole lot of that per diem money if I really wanted to.”

And, if you add up the fact that I’ll probably be able to save 60-70 dollars of that per diem easy.  Well, that’s around $350 right there!  $350 that is not in the budget.  $350 of unplanned funds.   Really, you could say it’s sort of like a secret $350–a gift from the $350 fairy that would be just about the right amount of moolah for a memorable, relaxing weekend during the off-season for a 5-star river side lodge.

And that my friends, is going to be a nice surprise.

Behold! Our secret weekend getaway...which will remain a secret until after the fact since Atticus might, for once, actually come around here looking for hints.



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2 responses to “Surprises

  1. danosaur

    Whenever there’s an empty place at the table (miscounting, someone’s late, etc.) Alaina asks me if you’re going to show up for dinner. So I guess you replaced Elijah.

  2. Pinto

    I guess I have.

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