Wanna see what they mean when they say “We will experience the effects of the tsunami for days to come”?


Locations of Tide Level Graphs Below


** Blue: Predicted Water Level  ** Red: Observed Water Level   **Green:  Variance of Water Level from the “Norm”


#1: Midway Islands

#2 Hawaii

#3 Northern California



#4 Southern Oregon



#5 South-Central Oregon Coast


My Home

A seven foot surge, max, along any American coastline…  Nothing even close to the 33 foot tsunami suffered by the Japanese.  Nothing even close to this:

33 Foot Tsunami

Please consider sending financial aid to Japan.  You can find links to various internationally approved organizations taking online donations HERE



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2 responses to “Tsunami

  1. danosaur

    Crazy events like these make me feel very small and vulnerable. How did those water level changes affect you on the coast, if at all?

  2. Pinto

    Where we were, it only unmoored a couple boats and banged up a few docks. But, because we were hit obliquely *and* it came on a low tide, there wasn’t any real damage.

    You can see in Midway, Hawaii, and Crescent City, though that the tsunami surge was much bigger *and* it made the water level rise higher than the highest tides of the week. Luckily for Crescent City, they were on a low tide so the surge just barely made it above their High tide level–if they had been on a high tide…much badder news.

    I think Hawaii got the brunt of things as far as U.S. land goes…

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