I really don’t think I’ve been fully converted to foodiedom–I still give in to the occasional pop tart or box of mac n’ cheese.

However, I’ve noticed recently that there are a few things at the grocery store that have moved from “that’s fancy and mysterious” to “that’s the only kind I want now.”  Don’t worry, I’m not at the level of truffle oil.  But, I’ve just noticed…a couple things.

Here’s a list of a few of my new norms:

** Clausen dill pickles:  I honestly think these are the greatest dill pickles ever created.  But they’re slightly more expensive because they’re not preserved by heat–so they are in the refrigerated section rather than the center of the store.

** Block cheese:  If I tried to figure it out, block cheese is probably less expensive than the pre-shredded stuff.  Regardless, I only like the block cheese and prefer to shred it myself.  Tastes fresher, melts better.  Could be all in my head, but that’s okay.

** Fresh mozarella cheese:  Have you tasted this?! Have you ever made a pizza with this?!  I’ll never go back.

** Local eggs:  we can buy eggs from two of our friends that keep chickens–brown eggs, blue eggs, white eggs.  They’re so good!  I was super skeptical about there being any difference between fresh and store-bought eggs at the beginning.  Well, guess what?  There’s a huge difference.  HUGE.  If I can help it at all, I want to always try to get fresh eggs or have hens of my own.

**Cheerios:  This is actually Atticus’s preference.  He says there’s just something wrong with generic brands.  Is this true?  I don’t know because I never eat cereal.

**Greek-style yogurt:  Apparently, I’m skin-rash-over-entire-body allergic to the strawberry greek yogurt at our store.  But I still buy any of the other flavors–a big tub once a week.  I never liked yogurt before I tried the greek style and now it’s something that actually gets me to sometimes eat a breakfast!

**Heavy whipping cream:  Atticus grew up in a family that made real whipping cream for, like, every meal or something insane.  I had no idea that there was anything other than Cool Whip in the world before we were married.  I’m fully converted.

Are there “special” foods that you only buy now–things that you never really were into or knew about before?



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7 responses to “Foodie

  1. Things Adam has converted me to:

    Real garlic–peeled and minced–whereas I only ever had the bottled minced stuff. I have to admit, it tastes better.
    Lipton Onion Soup Mix. It makes a meh meatloaf taste amazing. Same with a beefy pot roast.
    Fancy cheeses. Since marrying Adam, our idea of a fancy date night is to go to Trader Joe’s and get a wedge each of Italian truffle, white Stilton with apricots, some loaf of goat cheese rolled in dill, a big wedge of Brie and applewood smoked cheddar and a big ol’ box of crackers.

  2. Pinto

    Real garlic–Totally worth it!!
    Fancy cheeses: Gruyere is my new favorite on french onion soup! The stilton and smoked cheddar sounds AWESOME!!

  3. danosaur

    I will say that as far as the generic v. brand name cereal war goes, the Cheerio knockoffs have a long way to go. I don’t mind them, but they are always bigger and airier.

    I was trying to think if I’ve migrated to a different type of food recently, and one thing that came to mind was brown rice. I had never even tasted it until a few years ago, and now it’s almost all I ever cook. (There are a few things that call for the lighter, fluffier white rice, but for the most part I LOVE the heartiness of brown rice.)

    I don’t usually buy it, but real mozzarella IS heaven. ( I can’t help but see/hear/say that word without thinking of this waitress at a restaurant in Parma–where I ate the most exquisite meal of my short life–who pronounced it “MOTTzaRELLLLa.” It was beautiful)

    PS – I am afraid of the word “foodie” after that scathing review in last month’s Atlantic.

  4. Pinto

    Seriously. Someone had a foodie vendetta in that one.

    As for rice, I’m slowly moving to brown rice (I know it’s better for me…and I eventually converted to brown bread…so it can be done.) My coworker always cooks this wild rice, though, that is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

  5. Kent

    A couple quick ones that came to my mind: block parmesan cheese (instead of the strange flaky stuff that comes in a large shaker); fresh pineapple (instead of canned). And related to fresh pineapple, simple fruit salads (and not with jello or whatever other nasty stuff – just a bunch of cut up fresh fruit).

  6. Pinto

    Ooo! And Olive oil. I’m all about olive oil. But the first time I ever bought olive oil was the month after I got married.

  7. Pinto

    Kent: FRESH pineapple? Any tips on how to “carve” those prickly things?

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