Screamin’ Deal?

What would you do if…

You could go on a one week vacation to Germany with your spouse for the price of a single plane ticket?

Would you:

a) Save that $1800.


b) Say “To heck with it,” cash out your vacation hours, and go see this stuff–

Seriously.  I want to know.  I NEED to know right now.



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9 responses to “Screamin’ Deal?

  1. Raven

    GO!!! Of course, go! Other things might come up (like kids) that would make this kind of trip harder. You won’t regret having gone, but I bet you would regret not going. Go and post lots of pictures!

  2. Anna

    I vote go. You can always earn more money and accrue more vacation time later, but you won’t always have a great opportunity like this.

    It’s kind of like how when I played Oregon Trail I used to stock up on all the supplies except food, because I knew I could just go hunting anytime.

  3. melanie

    Go – travel is one of the most memorable, mind expanding things. I like to save money to live life (travel, see family, eat) vs get things.

  4. danosaur


    (Did I say that already?)

    Also, start learning German really fast. I hear Rosetta Stone has some new packet where they just send you a syringe full of language juice and BAM two days later you’re fluent.

  5. danosaur

    PS – that it’s a joke about needles. In fact I didn’t even realize that it was a wildly inappropriate joke for this audience until I’d clicked submit. I think you can just DRINK the language juice if you prefer that method. Then it just takes three days instead.

  6. danosaur

    PPS – *it’s = is NOT

    (sorry clutter up your comments)

  7. GO!

    How many chances are you and Atticus going to get to do something like this?!

  8. Laura

    Go! How exciting! Go go go go go go go go go go !

  9. Trick question, right? Go.

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