I said, “To Heck With It.”

In one week I will be in the international terminal in Portland, waiting for my flight to Amsterdam.

Ten hours after that, I will be in Amsterdam waiting for my flight to Berlin.

Two hours after that, I will be in Berlin and taking a bus to Berlin Haubtbahnhof (Berlin Central Train Station).

Two hours after that, I will be on a train to Rostock.

Thirty minutes after that, I will be unconscious on my hotel bed.


Yes, people, we are on our way to a week in Germany.  I’m planning on spending my days figuring out how many times I can work the word “schokolade” into every conversation possible.  Poor Atticus will be completely stressed out–prepping for and going to his two-day interview at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

I don’t think I really have to describe to anyone how much we would love to move to Rostock for this post-doc.  Professionally and culturally, this is the place for us.  Atticus would get to work not only on his beloved invertebrates but on a fascinating evolutionary conundrum!  Scientist’s paradise.

As for me, I get the opportunity to storm the walls of the University of Rostock to teach English, potentially even an American Studies course!  I would have a blast even if I was only volunteering to tutor or converse in English with students.  If I also  had the opportunity to teach a course in American Art or American Lit or…dare to hope…American Transcendentalism?!…  The possibilities are staggering.  I was freakishly stoked to find out the University actually has a focus in American Studies!  What are the chances, eh?  And I could put that trusty ol’ master’s degree of mine to good use again.

But wait, there’s more.

If Atticus convinces these nice demographic folks (one blogs smart things here, if you’re interested) that he’s “Their Guy” (hope hope hope), I’m planning on starting that second year of GIS coursework and getting my second masters in Germany.  AND if I’m in Germany for that second year, I’ll need a project to map.  AND, I could potentially offer my Spatial IT services gratis to the Max Planck Institute–home of some killer spatial datasets–to complete a Master’s project that would make anyone as obsessed about GIS as I am practically fall on their face with jealousy.  Fall on their face, I say.

We’re both hoping that things will go well when we’re there.  We’re both hoping that Atticus just has to convince them that he isn’t an insane homicidal maniac.  We’re both hoping that the wonder and smartness that is Atticus will have a certain, subtle, undeniable Wow-factor for his potential future lab buddies.  Atticus is such a good, honest, hard-working, intelligent person…I can’t think of any scenario in which he wouldn’t be completely loved.

But, maybe I’m biased.

Well, anyway, if, for some reason, Atticus suddenly becomes an insane homicidal maniac in his interviews, then we’ll have had a nice week in Germany.  I’ll have eaten my way through a ton of schokolade.   And we’ll say, “Let’s move to Tacoma!  San Juan Islands!  Victoria!  More rain!  Evergreen trees!  Starbucks!”

Either way, I think things will be okay for us this upcoming year.

(But, if Fate is reading this post, I’d like it to know that I really wouldn’t mind the Germany option.  Really.  Dead serious.  Schokolade.)



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4 responses to “I said, “To Heck With It.”

  1. Orin


  2. The Mom

    Where’s the like button? :)

  3. Laura

    I’m SO glad you’re going!!!! Have a great time!

  4. Sherrie

    Good Luck to both of you!!! Have so much FUN!!!

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