Genetic Win

Apparently, my body is surprisingly awesome at getting and being pregnant.

I find this surprising?  I don’t know why.  Maybe because all I ever seem to hear from others is how horrible, annoying, discouraging, or downright debilitating their pregnancies were.

But here I am at 8 months and everyone always asking, furrowed brow and sympathy faces, “How are you dooooooing?” And I have to say, “Good!*  Then they say, “Really, though?  I mean, really?”  And I say, “Well, yeah!  I feel like I always have felt.  When I pass my reflection I think whoa, belly! But other than that…feeling really normal.  Just, really, really boringly my usual normal self.”

I’m starting to wonder though if now all the pregnant women of present and past will appeal to the pregnancy gods and have some kind of karmic consequence in store for me at some point down the road.  Keep balance in the force or whatever.

If so, I’m in really, really big trouble.


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One response to “Genetic Win

  1. I’m afraid that I cannot fully know the mind of a woman in a difficult pregnancy. So I cannot offer opinions (at least, accurate ones) about whether they will wish down karmic retribution upon your head. But I am so glad. SO GLAD. That your experience with pregnancy has gone well. I kinda think you deserve all the goodness.

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