Extravagance is Relative

Right now in my life, I consider a lot of things to be extravagant.

Some that immediately come to mind:

– Owning or even driving a car (Who do you think you are, people with cars?! Too good to bike in the rain like everyone else in the world (Denmark)??)

– Having more than one bath towel per person.

– Having more than two fitted sheets per bed.  Or having any regular non-fitted sheets.  Because why?

– Having matching plates for more than six settings.

– High-heeled shoes.  For the past three years these have made absolutely, literally no sense at all.

– Dryer sheets.  But only because I can’t have them and I’m jealous.

– Central heating

– Nail polish

– I could go on.

BUT, I have to say…a really, really good facial is totally a legit expense.  (Once every six years)


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