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Six Month

Today is a momentous financial day.

**No, I don’t mean the fact that my mutual fund stocks dropped 3.2% in the past month (.82% just in the past 24 hours)**

I mean that, as of today, Atticus and I have achieved what had previously seemed unachievable.

We have reached our goal for a six-month emergency savings fund.  Which is, for our limited expenses right now, approximately ten thousand dollars.  (Don’t laugh, this is huge for us.)


And, as per our previously agreed-upon pact, anything in the next five months that is saved beyond that goal goes toward our

Dream European Backpacking Trip


What I’m trying to say, is that this is a big deal.


Since I’ve taken a liking to talking about small family and personal finances, I will tell you how this miracle of money-saving miracles came to be.

— First, we paid triple car payments for two years.  In October, we found ourselves with a car title 3.5 years earlier than the bank would have liked… and no more triple payments.  Magical how it works that way.

— After that, I worked my tail off in pretty high-respect, low-pay part-time work so I could earn enough money for my GIS tuition (thanks college teaching!).

— Which tuition paid for my GIS certificate which then awarded me a not-as-low-pay part-time job with health benefits.  (A job which also paid back all my tuition costs within 3 months).

— Subsequently, I could now cobble together various jobs to equate to full-time work.

— Meanwhile, Atticus still got his (unsurprisingly) paltry grad student stipend.

—  Therefore, as of January, we did not have triple car payments or tuition payments.

— In addition, I had a better paying part-time gig with low-personal-cost benefits to add to my less-paying-but-still-nice-work library gig. 

— And finally, we actually were able to, for the first time, budget our basic expenses to land within Atticus’ stipend and my library work ($1400/mo).   Which left, my monthly paycheck from the GIS job to be entirely placed within our Emergency Fund.


It is truly amazing what your savings account can do when you put in $1300-$2000/month.

Granted, there was a minor State Taxes upset in the first quarter which made the team scramble (and have to cancel a certain upcoming magical weekend of magic) but we pulled through in the end.   Team State Taxes got “Pintoed”…

(okay okay…”Jimmered” sounds better…I just wanted to try it out.)

And with that, a happy Ides of March/March Madness/Tuesday to you all.



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