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madoff_1205718cI have recently confirmed that the past decade of media news coverage  has changed the way I speak my own language.

For example, I saw this headline the other day:

“Ashamed” Madoff Goes to Jail

It was very confusing.  I had been keeping up to date with the news pretty well, but I couldn’t remember any middle-eastern connections with the Madoff “Ponzi scheme.”  Maybe he was half Saudi?  No…pretty sure that wasn’t it…and I thought his name was something like “Richard” or “Barty.”  Besides, it was in air quotes…that usually means it’s something cleverish. 

I wondered, briefly, if perhaps it was a new nickname for the man, or a reference to a new word Wolf Blitzer came up with to describe the situation; so instead of calling scandals “Something-gate” we could now just imbue telling scandal adjectives with Arab-sounding word endings (as if that’s an okay association to make.  ever.)

Yes, you may have guessed by now that I had indeed read the headline:

“Asha-med” (rhymes with Mohammed) Madoff Goes to Jail

Pronounciation evolution in real time, my friends.



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