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I May Or May Not Have Made This Sentence Up

And I may or may not have read this in a student essay.  And this student may or may not have turned in this essay (which might have been a final draft) for a college writing course.

“The westernized indoctrinated religion has been infected with the views of many and flesh gaining hold in the systematical diabolic methods of ousting, and illuminating certain aspects deemed worthy of praise.”




::confusion!  dismay!::

And I may or may not have thought something like, “How is this even possible?  How did this sentence get into my hands?  What does it even mean?”

I may or may not still not even know.





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Limerick Update

Concluded:  Blogging is directly proportional to a) the amount of free time you have when within 50 feet of a laptop with a wireless connection, b) having it assigned for your Writing course -you’re welcome, my students!- or c) a combination of both.

Thusly speaking, I have not had opportunities for a, b, or c recently and therefore, the posting has suffered greatly.  But, you should know, gentle reader, that it’s not you, it’s me.

And now, I give you a series of limericks to catch everyone up (friends, family, lurkers) on my ever so fascinating life. Continue reading


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Typo=El Niño?

recycle_logoWe [finally] got our recycle bin yesterday.  It just miraculously appeared on our doorstep.  You’d have thought we just won Publisher’s Clearinghouse.

Atticus started jumping and doing this little jig as we clutched at the instruction brochure and brought it inside.  Continue reading


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I know I’m as bad as the next relatively educated English speaker.

I know I have an unexplainable love of ellipses (…).  I know that sometimes I get a little CAP HAPPY.  And, often, when I’m writing, I begin sentences with conjunctions (which, is actually not as egregious a sin as it used to be.  Yea, many would say, “it beith a pure desire”), and put in way, way, way, too many, commas.

I try to say the right “they’re.”  We all know their just one of the many common errors of writing.

Or to make sure it’s “its.”  And not write incomplete sentences. Continue reading


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