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Life Among the Green-Folk

ecologist_at_workAs you may have followed, I’ve been working full-time this summer as a “Biological Aide” for an estuarine reserve, documenting the spread of the nefarious “aquatic invader” Assiminea parasitologica, or, “The Hitchhiking Winkie” (if the common name my fellow biologists came up with at a drunken dinner party stands the test of time…and the naming board). 

{Don’t bet on it}

Subsequently, I have spent excessive amounts of time in a kayak, stuck in mud up to my thigh, and peering into dense marsh undergrowth with my face exactly 2 inches from teeming communities of spiders, centipedes, mysterious “jumping weenie bugs” (that is the only scientific answer I’ve been able to get when asking about them), and, of course, tiny tiny snails. 

I have alsospent time with another unique animal that I have hitherto never really known all that intimately, or even identified as a species in and of itself:


Yes, Ecologists.  It’s sometimes tricky to distinguish an ecologist from your typical human on the street.  So, in the following, I relate to you how to “code out” this magnificent creature in your day-to-day people watching.  I’m sure, once you identify your very first ecologist, you will become as interested in the sport as I have been these past months. Continue reading


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Limerick Update

Concluded:  Blogging is directly proportional to a) the amount of free time you have when within 50 feet of a laptop with a wireless connection, b) having it assigned for your Writing course -you’re welcome, my students!- or c) a combination of both.

Thusly speaking, I have not had opportunities for a, b, or c recently and therefore, the posting has suffered greatly.  But, you should know, gentle reader, that it’s not you, it’s me.

And now, I give you a series of limericks to catch everyone up (friends, family, lurkers) on my ever so fascinating life. Continue reading


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