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Yesterday, I read a blurb in Newsweek about happy marriages.  It said that the “happiest newlyweds” were the couples who entered into their marriages with an “irrational optimism” about their partner.

Well.  I don’t even know what they think they’re talking about.

Irrational.  Hah.

I have the most blissful marriage I could have ever possibly imagined and my optimism is based on pure, scientific rationalism.

Is Atticus the most beautiful man who ever walked the earth?

Yes, obviously.

Is Atticus more benevolent, kind, and good than the bodhisattva of compassion* herself?


Is Atticus the most sexy and most scholarish (since they are always interrelated) sort of dude in the world?

You’re kidding, right?  Why do you even have to ask?  The “yes” meter on that question is off the charts.

Is Atticus practically perfect in every single way?

Move over Mary Poppins.


I’m just trying to say that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in Newsweek…


And a Happy 3rd Engageversary to Atticus and me.

Look! A super cheesy picture of the day we got engaged! March 8, 2008


*  Whenever you’re down, just say her name outloud a couple times and it will cheer you right up.  Avalokiteśvara, Avalokiteśvara, Avalokiteśvara…




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I’m married to Atticus.

This is Atticus

Atticus is my favorite.

Atticus likes to read good books with me.  Outloud.  On rainy days.

Atticus holds my hand whenever it’s close enough to hold.  Even in front of people who might think that’s silly.

Atticus makes a mean chocolate cake and he thinks I make a mean clam chowder.

Atticus goes on walks with me after dinner and we walk and talk for miles.

Atticus is smart and handsome and daring.

Atticus makes me laugh all the time.

Atticus is my Atticus.

And now I’m going to go home to see Atticus, because he is amazing and I love him and he is my favorite, like I said.  Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re having a movie marathon night.  Because isn’t that what people do on Valentine’s Day?

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  And I hope you all had a good day thinking about your favorite people, too.

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Sweet Cron

LOOK AT MY BOUQUET! I'm shoving it in your face!

Well Happy Anniversary to Pinto and Atticus!  We have returned from Anniversary Extraveganza: The Sequel.

You may recall last year’s extraveganza which involved ocean views, a literarily themed bed and breakfast, and skinny dipping.

This year we took it up a notch and explored the heck out of South/Central Oregon.

To wit, we:

— Visited a still-working, water-powered flour mill from the 1870s.  Holy Historian’s Paradise!

— Ate Taco Bell nachos.

— Spent 2.5 hours and a lot of completely worth-it money at a Spa getting a couples treatment

–Ate at Larks, which I will forever from henceforth only refer to as “The Yum Fantastic”

–Saw The Merchant of Venice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Amazing amazing amazing amazing.

— Slept.  (That’s a funny word:  “slept.”  I mean, just look at it.  It looks wrong.)

–Took a white-water jet boat tour of the Rogue River.

–Ate Indian food.

–Watched Saturday Morning Cartoons in bed eating cookies, gushers, and popcorn–toasting it all with Martinelli’s in plastic cups.

–Hiked the Oregon Caves, which apparently served as a local speakeasy back in the day.

–Ate in another former speakeasy.

–And bought some Sweet, Sweet Cron from the crustiest farmer I’ve ever met.

How I love me some Cron!

All in all–I’m unbelievably sad it’s over.  A good time was had, memories were made, and I loved every second.  Here’s to two more years of wedded bliss!  Bliss bliss bliss I tell you!

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What did we do on our Anniversary, you ask?

We went skinny dipping.

(and other things.  With accompanying pictures coming soonish)


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On the Actual Anniversary of my Wedding

wedding paul

Just so darn happy...

When this entry posts, I have no idea what I’ll be doing.  All I know is that, whatever it is, I’ll be within 1000 miles of where I live and probably eating something at some point.   Atticus has taken it upon himself to orchestrate some kind of surprise extravaganza and, to give him credit, I really don’t have any clue what it could be (except the two facts above, which are all my wiles could drag from the man over the past month and a half).  For my part, I have put together a magnificent present for him with a theme of “paper.”

I know…I have some catching up to do.

Anyway, I’m thinking that this whole anniversary thing is a big deal.  Not in a sort of “We made it a whole entire year and didn’t get a divorce” way but more of a “Holy crud?  It’s here already?  Man, that’s gone fast because it’s been awesome!” kind of way.  Also, it means sexy pajamas…probably.

So, in honor of this most momentous day, I offer you…a love haiku.

First Year

Dedicated to Atticus

Reading Milton aloud?

Others may say that’s boring.

We just smile and go on.


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On the Eleven-Month Anniversary of My Marriage


I would like to take this moment to tell everyone that these eleven months have been perfect.  Did you get that italicized emphasis there?  I said perfect.

We have never had a fight, especially not over whether “Cauliflower and Potato Pie” is similar to Shepherd’s Pie leading to 10 minutes of mutual silent treatment followed by one hour of “talking things out.”  Never.  Nothing even close to something “disharmonious” like that.  Continue reading


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